Block Styles plugin for WordPress layout features icon.


Control the layout of WordPress blocks with advanced dimensions and display settings. With Block Styles spacing options, there’s no need for the Spacer Block. Visibility settings let you control who sees content based on User Role, device size, and login status.


  • Set Width & Height
  • Set Minimum Width & Height
  • Set Max Width & Height
Block Styles plugin layout tool with dimension settings.


  • Full Margins Controls
  • Full Paddings Controls
  • Linked and Unlinked Sides
  • Support Negative Margins
  • Set inputs to inherent, auto, or whatever you want
  • No more need for the Spacer Block
Block Styles plugin layout settings for WordPress page spacing.


  • Opacity
  • Display 
  • Floats
  • Overflow
  • Position
  • Z-index
  • Full Flex Support


  • Based on Device Size
  • Based on Login Status
  • Based on User Role

Coming Soon

  • Custom Device Sizes
  • LearnDash & Woo Subscriptions