Gesso Theme

A Minimalist Block-first WordPress Theme Designed for Full Creative Control

The last WordPress Full-Site Editing theme you will ever need.

Gesso Theme for WordPress screenshot.

Gesso is a minimal block-first full-site editing theme ideal for those who just want a blank canvas and full creative control. Designed to leverage the block builder fully but can just as easily work with any other page builder.

Why Gesso?

The theme is built to take advantage of the latest in Full Site Editing features which were introduced in WordPress 5.9. Meaning everything from the colors, typography, and the layout of every single page on your site is ready to take on your vision without loads of clutter getting in the way.

Whether you’re building a simple website, creating a blog, working on a business website, or perhaps a portfolio to showcase your work, Gesso is the theme for you that gets out of the way and lets your vision come alive.


  • Block First
  • Minimal – It gets out of the way
  • Supports Full-Site Editing
  • Build-in Styles (Light or Dark)

Templates, Template Parts, & Block Patterns

Gesso does not include any templates, template parts, or block patterns.

This is on purpose. Gesso is meant to support users leveraging WordPress’ Full Site Editing features including building templates, and template parts for any custom post types, taxonomies, etc.


Below is a walkthrough of our Gesso Theme, along with our Missing Menu Items plugin, and Styles Library plugin.


Try Gesso with our full Block Styles design suite!


Our Gesso Theme is free to download from the WordPress theme directory.

Gesso Works Great with our Block Styles Design Suite

Full Membership

Extend your favorite 3rd party and core blocks without adding more bloat to your library.

  • Block Styles
  • Dynamic Content
  • Styles Library Support
  • Gesso Theme Support
  • Premium Block Patterns
  • Video Tutorials
  • Fully Documented
  • Dedicated Support
  • 1 year of Support & Updates
  • And More!

Single Site


$39/ year

  • Active on 1 Site
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • 1 year of Support & Updates


5 Sites



  • Active on 5 Sites
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • 1 year of Support & Updates
  • Works great for Small business owners

Unlimited Sites



  • Active on All your Sites
  • Premium Dedicated Support
  • 1 year of Support & Updates
  • Perfect for Agencies

Excellent Value — 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out if your questions are not answered.

What does “Gesso” mean?

Gesso is a primer used as a preparatory layer and acts as a blank canvas so oil paint would adhere.

Our Gesso Theme is a blank canvas so that you can have full creative control over your WordPress design.

Does the Gesso Theme work with WordPress versions before 5.9?

No, our Gesso Theme only works with WordPress version 5.9 and later.

Why does Gesso not come with any templates or template parts?

This is done on purpose. You now have full creative control over your WordPress template design in the new Site Editor. 

Is the Gesso Theme really free?

Yes, The membership gives you access to our premium plugins, block patterns, and priority support.

Does the Gesso Theme work with page builders?

Gesso is designed to leverage the WordPress block editor but can work with any WordPress page builder.

Do you need any other plugins to make the Gesso theme work?

No, but we recommend at least leveraging the Styles Library plugin.

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