Styles Library

WordPress Block Pattern Creation, Management, & Resource Library

Leverage our block patterns on your WordPress site or create your own and easily access them from your admin area or the frontend of the block editor.

Why Use Styles Library?

Styles Library is a complete WordPress block management tool for the creation, management, and custom styling of block patterns.

With Styles Library, you can:

  • Create new block patterns
  • Manage created block patterns from the WordPress admin area
  • Categorize block patterns and apply keywords to block patterns
  • Import & export block patterns 
  • Save full pages as block patterns

Create New Block Patterns

It couldn’t be easier to create your own WordPress block patterns.

Simply click Add New and create your block pattern like you would any WordPress page or post.

Styles Library plugin pattern library from the WordPress admin area.

Your new block pattern can be stored in your own personal styles library in the backend of your WordPress site or from the frontend.

Styles Library plugin pattern library from the frontend of a WordPress page.

Manage Your Custom Block Patterns

All custom block patterns you create are stored right in your WordPress admin area.

Styles Library plugin pattern library from WordPress admin area.

Categorize Block Patterns and Assign Keywords

Organize your block patterns into categories and apply keywords.

Styles Library WordPress plugin block pattern naming and categorization of block patterns.

Categories and keywords can be created from the frontend of your site or from the WordPress admin area.

Styles Library WordPress plugin categories for block patterns.
Styles Library Categories
Styles Library WordPress plugin keywords.
Styles Library Keywords

Import & Export WordPress Block Patterns

Block patterns can be exported via a JSON file and easily imported to another WordPress site.

Import block patterns right from your admin area.

Styles Library WordPress plugin import feature highlighted.

In your block patterns library, you can export any block pattern you’ve created as a JSON file.

These block patterns can now be imported into any WordPress site.

Styles Library WordPress plugin highligjhting export block pattern feature.

Save Full Pages as Block Patterns

Do you want to save full pages as one block pattern?

Styles Library lets you save an entire WordPress page as a block pattern, allowing you to add it to any new WordPress page or post.

Access to Free & Premium Patterns

Select from our free block patterns, premium block patterns, and patterns you’ve created yourself!

Styles Library plugin wireframe WordPress block patterns.


Below is a walkthrough of our Styles Library plugin, along with our Missing Menu Items plugin, and our Gesso Theme.


Try Styles Library with our full Block Styles design suite!


Our Styles Library plugin is free to download from the WordPress plugin directory.

Styles Library Works Great with our Block Styles Design Suite

Full Membership

Extend your favorite 3rd party and core blocks without adding more bloat to your library.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out if your questions are not answered.

What is the difference between Styles Library block patterns and reusable blocks?

Reusable blocks change throughout an entire site. Styles Library blocks are not affected site-wide. Styles Library block patterns act as a design “fork”.

Does Styles Library work with the Full Site Editor?

Yes, Styles Library works with the Site Editor. 

Can you custom-style block patterns from Styles Library?

Yes, with our Block Styles plugin, you can add custom styling to any Styles Library block pattern. 

Does Styles Library come with pre-built block patterns?

Yes, our Styles Library plugin comes with a catalog of already designed block patterns available for you to use and custom style. With a Block Styles membership, you are given access to our premium block patterns too.

Where are block patterns stored?

Block patterns you create with Styles Library are stored in your WordPress database and are accessible from the Gutenberg editor. 

WordPress Gutenberg Wapu.