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Import & Export Block Patterns

How to Export Block Patterns

To export a block pattern, navigate to Styles Library > All Patterns.

Next, click Export under the block pattern you wish to download.

Styles Library backend All Patterns view.

Your block pattern will download as a JSON file.

You can now import this block pattern to any WordPress site that has the Styles Library plugin activated.

How to Import Block Patterns

To import a block pattern, navigate to the All Patterns page.

Near the top of the page, click Import to import your block pattern.

Styles Library Import section highlighted.

Select the block pattern you wish to import and click Upload Pattern.

Styles Library menu choosing a pattern to imnport.

Your imported pattern will now appear in your All Patterns menu.

Imported block pattern showing in Styles Library All Patterns menu.

Import & Export Block Patterns Walkthrough


Works great with Block Styles and Dynamic Content!

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