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The New Block Styles

Welcome to the best thing to happen to your WordPress user experience since Gutenberg. Design beautiful sites, faster.

Block Styles is the new name for our plugin suite. It includes all the plugins we offer on The membership includes:

  • Block Styles plugin – for styling
  • Styles Library plugin & access to all premium block patterns – patterns to quickly get you going
  • Dynamic Content – content loaded from meta or really anywhere
  • Missing Menu Items – a free plugin adding useful menu links and other admin improvements
  • Gesso – A minimalistic block-first full site editing WordPress theme

What’s New at Block Styles?

New Site, Who Dis?

With a new plugin version comes a new way to market our products. Our new site homepage was great at telling you the story about what Block Styles does in a very informative way, but not necessarily the best UI/UX.

Block Styles site home page.
A new site, a new feel, a new way to WordPress.

As we progress and continue to evolve our brand image, we are hoping to focus more on how we can become a true WordPress Editor enhancement suite and have that reflected in our products, site, and other marketing materials.

A New Playground, Come Play!

No swings and merry-go-rounds in this playground. We have a working development playground so you can experience all that Block Styles has to offer before you buy.

Check out the demo environment here.

Documenting ALL THE THINGS!

We have a lot of work to do on our documentation, we know. However, the battle to document ALL THE THINGS has begun. The new docs section in our resources is now filled with all the hooks & filters, both PHP and JavaScript, we use across the Block Styles and the Dynamic Content plugins.

Did you know that the Block Styles plugin has around 100 hooks you can use to customize your design experience? Dynamic Content has around 20, so you can really create custom-designed sites.

But we know this is just the beginning. In the coming weeks, stay tuned for more in-depth documentation, as well as videos, tutorials, and quick screen-shares showing off all our latest features.

Supporting more than core

While we have a re-invigorated passion to extend out and make the Editor experience of WordPress better, we know everyone has block suites they are already using or may use to add new features to their posts and pages.

We want to support the blocks you use the most. We are already integrating with many of the WordPress community’s favorites, and looking to add more.

If you want Block Styles to support your favorite block provider plugin or theme, submit your request using our new submission form!

NOW LIVE: Missing Menu Items plugin

Missing Menu Items plugin appearance menu in the WordPress admin area.

Spending time finding things in the WordPress admin is annoying. Having to click through page after page to find the settings page, or templates you’re looking for. The new WordPress Editor has some of these hidden items that we were struggling with.

Missing Menu Items allows you to access your reusable blocks, navigation menus, templates, and template parts in 1 click, from the menu!

This plugin is available to BlockStyles members and free in the plugin repository.

Updates, Updates, Updates!

Now for all the updates to our existing plugins. We are so proud of what our team has been able to produce with the next versions of our plugins.

Block Styles Plugin Updates

Inline Styling

The block styles plugin was built to be a better way to design your block first website. However, without adding a new block, it was difficult to really extend inline content styling, besides the already supported bold, italic, and underline.

With the new Block Styles plugin, you can do much, much more.

Style Tab

While we enjoyed using the favorites to make sure the Block Styles plugin’s icon was visible, the real solution was to create a new tab for users so they can easily access a block’s styles.

Block Styles plugin label when editing a WordPress Gutenberg page.
Our new Styles tab makes finding a block’s styles even easier!

There are also updates to

  • Device specific styling
  • Loading / Copying / Pasting styles
  • Performance

Styles Library Plugin Updates

The Styles Library is the secret sauce to designing WordPress sites. Whether you use the Block Styles plugin or not, the Styles Library plugin has starter block patterns for sections of your content or even full-page templates. A full-page template can come in handy when you do not want to have to create yet another Editor template which will only be used on 1 page anyway.

We love this tool, and with the addition of wireframe block patterns, we have decided to open this plugin up FREE to the community as well. Look for Styles Library in the WordPress org repository soon!

With the free version, you will have access to all the core templates, our free wireframe (and other) templates. If you are a BlockStyles member, full access to premium templates is right there as well.

Once you find the right template, click “Add Pattern” to have it load straight into your editor.

Styles Library plugin displayed showing wireframes from Block Styles membership.
Core, free, and premium templates in 1 easy-to-use modal.

Dynamic Content Plugin Updates

The Dynamic Content plugin was introduced as a simple plugin that replaced a paragraph’s content with dynamic content from post meta, or other sources. Since then we’ve evolved it a few times and now are up to our latest and greatest, version 3.

Dynamic Content v3 includes the ability to use just about any piece of data, even from an API (using hooks). Have a piece of post meta you want to showcase in a paragraph? Whether you use ACF or not, dynamic content supports post meta and ACF out of the box, so you can use any of your post metadata.

Using Woo? Version 3 includes Woo support, select a product and the information you want from it, and it will dynamically load. Having a sale? Why worry about changing prices ALL OVER YOUR SITE, when with dynamic content, your sale price can be updated everywhere instantly?

Any Source

The biggest enhancement has been the ability to choose almost ANY post/page/CPT/etc. as the “source” for your data. Using an API? Use a hook to include more sources.

Dynamic Content plugin demo using advanced custom fields for WordPress.

Interested in a BlockStyles Membership?

Are you ready to have a better editor experience? Turn your site from default WordPress to a true page builder, without the page builder bloat. Use core blocks, or install blocks from plugins, either way, we want to make sure you have the best experience necessary

Full Membership

Extend your favorite 3rd party and core blocks without adding more bloat to your library.

  • Block Styles
  • Dynamic Content
  • Styles Library Support
  • Gesso Theme Support
  • Premium Block Patterns
  • Video Tutorials
  • Fully Documented
  • Dedicated Support
  • 1 year of Support & Updates
  • And More!

Single Site


$39/ year

  • Active on 1 Site
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • 1 year of Support & Updates


5 Sites



  • Active on 5 Sites
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • 1 year of Support & Updates
  • Works great for Small business owners

Unlimited Sites



  • Active on All your Sites
  • Premium Dedicated Support
  • 1 year of Support & Updates
  • Perfect for Agencies

Excellent Value — 30-day Money-Back Guarantee