Block Styles Settings


Block styles settings live under the Appearance menu in the WordPress admin.


Google Fonts API

Add your Google Fonts API key to unlock the use of Google Fonts on your site. You will need a Google account to register for your font key. If you have a Google account the whole process should take under 2 mins. It’s as simple as:

  • Login to your Google Account
  • Click this link:
  • Click the “Get a Key”. It’s about halfway down the page
  • Select or create a new project.
  • Copy your API Key
  • Add it to Block Styles and Save
  • Your Google Fonts are now unlocked!

The Google Fonts section might be moved to Custom fonts in the near future.

Custom Fonts

Add your custom brand font here and used them throughout your design.

Have full control over what weight and style of each font that you upload.

Currently supported font formats:

  • *.woff2
  • *.woff
  • *.ttf
  • *.otf

Editing is coming soon, but if you mess up don’t worry. You can delete any of your font entries and read with the correct information and even browse your media liberty to reuse your already uploaded assets.


The licensing tab is to unlock your updates from your WordPress admin. You find your key in the dashboard of the site you got access to Block Styles from ( or

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