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Introducing Our Styles Library Plugin


Our New Styles Library Plugin

The Block Styles team is proud to introduce our free Styles Library plugin to the WordPress repo.

Are you looking for an easy solution to creating and storing your own block patterns?

Our Styles Library plugin gives you a selection of free block patterns to use on your WordPress site. Our plugin also gives you the ability to create your own block patterns, and store them in the WordPress admin area.

Do you want to take your stored block patterns and apply them to other WordPress sites? Our plugin also lets you import & export block patterns with a few steps.

Create Your Own Block Patterns

Design your own block patterns in a matter of minutes. Styles Library opens the door for you to create your very own block patterns to use anywhere on your WordPress site.

Create Block Patterns from your Admin Area

The Styles Library plugin is easily accessible from your WordPress admin, where you can add new block patterns from scratch.

Styles Library menu from WordPress admin area.

Create a new block pattern just like you would a WordPress page or post.

Give your block pattern a title, and customize the content however you wish.

Styles Library block pattern creation example.

Control block pattern details including the viewport width and block pattern description.

You can also assign categories and keywords to your block patterns to keep them organized.

Styles Library WordPress plugin category and keyword input.
Styles Library block pattern category assignment and keywords.

Create Block Patterns from a WordPress Page or Post

If you’re designing a website and come across a pattern you’ve created, you can save that pattern right from the page. Group the blocks together, click Add to Block Patterns, and you can now use that pattern anywhere on your site.

Save Full Pages as Block Patterns

If you create an entire WordPress page you wish to reuse, you can easily save the entire page as a block pattern.

This function allows you to save an entire page and reuse it elsewhere on your site.

For example, if you’re filling out installation instructions, you may want to apply these instructions to multiple products. Saving an entire page as a block pattern gives you the ability to use it as a “fork”, as opposed to reusable WordPress blocks.

Store All Your Block Patterns Easily

The Styles Library plugin stores all your created block patterns in both your WordPress admin area and from the front end of your site.

Store Your Block Patterns in Your WordPress Admin

Any block pattern you create with the Styles Library plugin is stored in your WordPress admin area under All Patterns.

Styles Library WordPress plugin storage area in admin.

Import & Export Block Patterns

You’ve created several different block patterns on your WordPress site, but now you want those same block patterns applied to your other sites.

Any block pattern you created can easily be downloaded via a JSON file and can be imported to any WordPress site with our Styles Library plugin activated.

Our Free Block Patterns

Styles Library comes with several block patterns built-in that you can apply to your WordPress site.

Styles Library block pattern 2 columns with featured image.
Hero Block Pattern – 2 Column with Featured Image
Styles Library block pattern 3 columns with images.
3 Columns with Images Block Pattern
Styles Library free block pattern.
Cover Block – 3 Column Bottom Full Width

View more of our free block patterns here.

Our Premium Block Patterns

Active BlockStyles members get access to our premium block patterns including design-rich pricing tables and other eCommerce-related patterns.

Styles Library premium block patterns.
Styles Library premium block pattern.

Download the Styles Library Plugin

Interested in giving the Styles Library plugin a try? Our plugin is located in the WordPress repo for you to download for free.

A Block Styles membership unlocks access to all our WordPress offerings including:

Full Membership

Extend your favorite 3rd party and core blocks without adding more bloat to your library.

  • Block Styles
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  • Premium Block Patterns
  • Video Tutorials
  • Fully Documented
  • Dedicated Support
  • 1 year of Support & Updates
  • And More!

Single Site


$39/ year

  • Active on 1 Site
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • 1 year of Support & Updates


5 Sites



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  • Works great for Small business owners

Unlimited Sites



  • Active on All your Sites
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Excellent Value — 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

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